Create An Exotic Door Handle Effortlessly

You have spent thousands of Pounds in decorating your house and fitting it with the latest and exquisite furniture. However, have you ever given a thought about replacing the ordinary handle of your door with something more exotic? No doubt, you can purchase eye-catching door handles from online stores, but you have to pay a huge sum for those fancy items that change the appearance of main doors, cupboard doors, and so forth. You can create them by yourself as long as you have the required wood carving equipment with you. On the one hand, you can hire the services of a specialist carpenter to create such a handle for you, if you do not mind splurging money. On the other hand, you can save money if you build it yourself. If you are a DIY enthusiast, all you need is an artistic mind and the proper tools for the task. You can rest assured that your home will be the envy of your neighbours once you prepare and fit exotic handles on the main gate of your house.

Lever versus door handle

By the way, it is important to understand the difference between a lever and a door handle. The former is a lever-operated device whereas the latter is round or oval. Modern generation handles are different, and that is what you should create. What is your opinion about fixing a Dragon's head shaped handle on your door? Let us check out the basic tools that every do it yourself enthusiast needs to have in his or her armoury.

- Hammer: What is the use of a nail if you do not have a hammer? The majority of hammers contain a claw on the opposite side of the head. You need the claw to pry out nails. You also require the hammer when using the chisel to create designs on blocks of wood while preparing the handle of your door(s).

- Screwdriver: You will require this tool to fix anything fixed with screws. Screws hold together lamps and furniture as well as connect outlet covers, cabinet doors, and most importantly doorknobs. Therefore, you will require it to uninstall your old doorknob by removing its screws and fixing your work of art in place.

- Drill: You will need this tool to drill holes in your door as well as on the doorknob, in case the fixing holes of the doorknob you create does not match the holes of the old-fashioned doorknob you plan to replace.

- Saw: You require this to cut different sections of the wood while preparing the handle.

- Chisel: This is necessary to create designs on the handle. Ensure that you purchase one with a small tip.• Sandpaper: You will need this to clean and smooth the wood once you have prepared the handle.

- Paint: You need this to apply colours on the door handle once you have prepared it and smoothed its surface with sandpaper. Make sure you use oil-based paint.

Creating the door handles

Purchase a piece of wood and mark out the design of the doorknob on it with a pencil. Use the tools mentioned above to cut, shape, and smooth the wood until its design satisfies you. Apply colour and wait for it to dry. Remove the old handle and replace it with the new door handle.